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Program Educational Objectives (B. Pharmacy)

PEO I : To provide knowledge and education of pharmaceutical sciences leading to B. Pharmacy degree.

PEO 2 : To deliver the pharmacy students with fundamental concepts, technical advancement and competence in pharmaceutical sciences and technology to cater the needs of pharmaceutical industry and health services.

PEO 3 : To promote the expansion of skilled human resource in Pharmaceutical Sciences for propagation of quality education with highly professional and ethical attitude, strong communication and effective skills to work in a team with a multidisciplinary approach.

PEO 4 : To train the students to contribute, execute and associate towards health care system and counselling for precaution, control and prevention of diseases.

PEO 5 : To be able to lead and participate as the team to communicate well with other professionals in providing medicines to the society by maintaining the standards, professional ethics and social responsibilities.

PEO 6 : To encourage and promote to become a lifelong learner which shall acquire new technologies in pharmaceutical sciences offering highly productive career and leadership role in the society.