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  • The main objective of the academic committee is to oversee the academic affairs of the college and make recommendations to the Principal about academic programs and strategic priorities.
  • The members of the committee sit together at regular intervals of time to develop the ways and means to ensure that quality teaching-learning process should remain the topmost priority.
  • This Committee also formulates the guidelines, rules and regulations of all Academic affairs of the College.
  • This Committee manages day-to-day academic affairs be it looking after attendance, class schedule.
  • This Committee ensures that the institution’s academic programs are appropriate for its students, and that students are well served by the institution.
  • Academic Committee acts as the point of contact between the students and the Administration/ faculty members.
  • Members of the committee give their suggestions and directions for the smooth running of the college in academic aspect
  • Execution of teaching learning process through a well defined Academic calendar.
  • Allotment of course to subject teachers
  • Prepare daily time table and lab occupancy schedule
  • Review student’s daily attendance
  • Keep vigilance on the attendance of teachers and regularity in taking the classes
  • Review the academic and other related activities of the college
  • Review the students and faculty development programs
  • Plan for Parents Teacher Meeting (PTM) to have interaction with parents to keep them updated on the progress of their ward.
  • Invitation of experts and eminent personalities to deliver lectures and workshops to augment the teaching environment.
  • Visualize and formulate perspective plans for the development and growth of the college
  • Review and update the College Prospectus
  • Draft Concise Leave Rule for the teaching and non-teaching staff of the College
  • Promote research and extension activities in the college campus
  • Plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement and accreditation of the college
  • Collect feedback from students, teachers, parents and others based on curriculum through well designed feedback forms and analyzed. Take action on feedback report and resolve and implement to enrich the curricular aspects.
  • Take disciplinary action to the students for violation and disobedience to the college rule.
  • The students are the main stakeholders in any institution imparting education, and it is our endeavor to make all efforts to provide quality education to students and to achieve excellence in education. Taking this spirit in consideration the institute has framed Academic Monitoring Committee under the chairmanship of principal in order to enhance efficiency of teaching and learning for smooth functioning of academic system.
  • Academic Committee serves as a vital link between the student body and the faculty.
  • The committee contributes towards smooth functioning of the academic system and ensures timely resolution of all relevant issues raised by the student community.
  • Academic committee takes up the responsibility of imbibing best practices so that both the present and future batches can have a better academic system in place.
  • Takes care that the faculty members feel comfortable at College
  • Advises the administration regarding required facilities for Academics such as books, journals etc.
  • Looks after the infrastructure which affects Academics.
  • Acts as the point of contact to those who want to contact the institute.
  • Academic committee also holds the responsibility for practices like holding academic award functions to honor students for academic excellence.
  • Academic Committee works on coordinating with various committees to conduct knowledge sessions and open-houses so as to achieve academic objectives relevant to students.
  • Educating students on morals and ethics and helping them to become good and productive citizen


# Name Designation Position Email Contact
1 Dr. Santosh D. Shelke Principal Chairman​ 9404988909
2 Ms. Anita S. Wagh Assistant Professor Incharge 9890393343
3 Mr. Manoj G. Damale Assistant Professor Member​ 7304285589
4 Mrs. Rashmi S. Chouthe Class Teacher Member​ 8983527517
5 Mrs. Rashmi S. Chouthe Class Teacher Member​ ​ 8055755346
6 Mr. Prashant B. Jadhav Assistant Professor Member 8788262150
7 Ms. Komal K. Pawar Student Member​ 7447382247